Interior Design FAQ

What does an interior designer do?

Interior designers are the professionals who make interior spaces (residential / commercial / etc) functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing by determining space requirements and selecting the ideal colours, lighting, textures, furnishings and decorative materials. Interior designers are qualified professionals who understand construction and technical building documentation, and are aware of regulations, guidelines and universal accessibility standards.

What are the advantages of having an Interior Designer in the project team?

An Interior Designer will work with you to custom design the interior space to meet your brief. We look at the interior planning and flow of spaces to make sure they work for your needs. As interior designers we specialise in the specification and sourcing of all interior finishes. We take into consideration all design aspects of an interior that affect the way the interior presents at the end of construction.

When is the right time to engage an Interior Designer?

We like to be involved as early as possible on any project. It is desirable to be involved at a stage where we can work with the other consultants and still have input into the 3-dimensional space planning.

What is Aged Care Interior Design?

Aged Care Interior Design is a specialisation around designing interiors for buildings where aged people reside and require differing levels of nursing care. It involves designing interiors that support the requirements for those residents to move as freely and unimpeded through the spaces as possible.

Can I see more samples of your work?

We regularly organise tours of completed facilities that we have worked on. Please contact us if you would like to find out more information.


Can you manage the entire project?

Dependent on the size of the project we can manage the entire project. Contact us so we can take some details and we can let you know the services we can provide.

What other services do you offer clients?

We also offer the services of: Procurement of materials and furniture // Bespoke joinery design and manufacture // Customised soft furnishings // Interior styling // Artwork selection and procurement

What size projects do you work on?

We are flexible and work on small scale residential projects and any size upward to commercial projects with values above $100 million. Contact us to ascertain how we can be of service to your project.

Do you have a speciality?

We work across all types of interior design projects. We do have a great deal of experience within the Aged Care and Health sector. This experience brings advantages to any other area of design that we could work on.

How do you charge?

Consultation fees are quoted based on the Scope of Works provided for a project. If a consultation appointment is required to establish the brief, we would charge an hourly rate to meet, discuss and establish the scope of work. Following the confirmation of the scope of work we supply a fee proposal which would be either lump sum $ or an estimate of hours to be charged at hourly rates dependent on the type of project. Our years of experience bring the advantage of being able to efficiently create a brief for your interior design project. We work with our clients to establish budgets for the interior design work before signing off on the completed design.

Do I need an Interior Designer if I only need help with furniture?

Furniture can be a large $ investment for any project. We can provide the expertise of making sure the furniture layout is correct for the interior space, and we have access to a greater range of furniture that is available through retail outlets. We can also custom design furniture for your requirements.

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