Feasibility Design Review

Gilmore Interior Design’s Feasibility Design Review offers a comprehensive analysis and assessment of your internal space planning, to ensure it is compliant, efficient, and suitable for use.

As an award-winning interior design practice with over two decades of experience, we know the common pitfalls, the compliance hurdles and the strategic design choices that can impact a project’s return-on-investment.

A Feasibility Design Review means that you can have this specialist knowledge applied to YOUR specific development.

By actioning our tailored recommendations before you submit your plans for costings and approvals, you can:

  • ensure optimal functionality for all who will work and reside at your development
  • identify any design inefficiencies or planning oversights
  • avoid a costly, drawn-out approvals process
  • maximise your return-on-investment

Who is the Feasibility Design Review for?

Our Feasibility Design Review benefits the client, project managers, construction groups and developers who are:

  • renovating an existing development
  • embarking on a new design and build

In both scenarios, our Feasibility Design Review service will identify the high-impact opportunities that can significantly improve your facility’s efficiency and function, and ensure it aligns with sector-specific regulations and design standards.

It is a cost-effective way to optimise your development plan and benefit from our strategic insight – without the expense of a full-service design engagement.

"Multiplex have relied upon the Gilmore Interior Design team to complete a feasibility design review for an upcoming aged care & seniors living project. Their recommendations have been useful and actionable, enabling better outcomes in functional space planning, product yield, value-to-cost and design compliance.

Multiplex highly values Gilmore Interior Design for their specialist expertise and we recommend Jenny, Trina and the team for your project."

Raymond Yeo Development Director | Multiplex Australasia

The Process


While we are always guided by industry best-practice, we know that every project has its own unique vision, demographics, location, timescale and budget and we make it a priority to understand your project before we commence the Feasibility Design Review.


We will conduct a detailed analysis and assessment of your development and the interior space planning. This includes reviewing adherence to relevant building codes, and evaluating the size, layout and intended usage of communal, operational, and individual spaces (now and in the future).


Alongside our analysis, we will include strategic recommendations to optimise your design, ensure compliance, and increase cost and programming efficiencies.

Every project will present different opportunities to leverage, but we generally consider access to spaces, their mix of use, furniture layouts, circulation patterns, lighting, and the cultural beliefs and practices of those using the space.

"Because we have such diverse project experience, we have over the years been asked by a number of building developers and aged care providers as to how they can uplift and improve newly completed work that hasn’t met the expectation of the client.

It is always harder to make significant improvements to a property with regards to planning and interiors after construction has been completed.

This has made us realise the value of our knowledge gained through 25 years’ experience to create the best outcome for client’s developments, by reviewing all aspects of a new development proposal and reporting independently on the feasibility of the project prior to it being submitted for approvals.

We believe that this approach can help reduce the need for expensive changes at later stages, which can significantly affect the overall project budget and timings."

Jennifer Gilmore Managing Director | Gilmore Interior Design

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