Bill's Place

Bill's Place

Revesby, NSW

“The key consideration of the project was to create and provide a setting that was inviting and uplifting.”

In the leafy and quiet suburban precinct of Revesby sits Bill’s Place, the locale’s most recent retirement and aged care facility addition. The building was commissioned and designed for the purpose of housing residents who require dementia-specific aged care. This determined much of the project’s specific brief in relation to its interior design scheme and layout.

Gilmore Interior Design was placed in the unusual situation of being appointed mid-way through the building’s construction to resolve its interior design layout. Although the client had previously acquired an interior design scheme prior to construction, they sought to revise this in entirety as they realised it lacked a suitable template of colours and furnishings for people living with dementia.

The key consideration of the project was to create and provide a setting that was inviting and uplifting. As the facility is mainly intended for the care of people living with dementia, it was crucial that the interiors generated a high-spirited, positive ambience. We sought to achieve this alongside balancing other project limitations, such as budget restrictions, an afore-set construction timeframe and numerous existing finishes that were already installed as part of the project’s original interior scheme.

To achieve the desired outcome, our team composed a proposal that played on three main design elements: the use of lively colours, a curated selection and styling of furnishings, and evidence-based design of wayfinding around the centre. For the colour scheme, we employed a palette of jovial colours that are complemented by vibrant pieces of wall artwork. The bright backdrop throughout is further emphasised by a cheerful selection of vibrantly-coloured fabrics and carefully designed signages.

By strategically manipulating the use of colours and imagery across four dominant features of the facility—wall art, signages, fabrics and floor finishes—we were also able to successfully create an effective system of wayfinding around the centre.

This is just one of the instances in which we capably delivered a final design scheme that not only serves the nature of its purpose, but also responds to the client’s main objective of creating spaces that would evoke a sense of happiness for its occupants. Another aspect that we were mindful of in our choice of materials and finishes was suitability and durability. Water-repellent crypton was the main fabric used in this scheme, as were flooring specifications that bore an appropriate slip rating for use in aged care. In addition to that, our experienced designers were also conscientious of contrasts among colours and materials that work well for people living with dementia.

In an attentive response to a client’s aim as well as the complex requirements of dementia-focused aged care, we have produced a design scheme that addresses these concerns and limitations. In doing so, our team of expert designers have successfully crafted a design that is a highly specialised, user-specific domestic environment of both enduring comfort and quality for its inhabitants and carers.

Completion Date

July 2018


Bankstown City Aged Care


IDG Architects


Stephen Edwards Constructions

Project Managers

Trina Kazi

Other Suppliers


Willow Art


Aged Care Design

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