St Patrick's Green

St Patrick's Green

Kogarah, NSW

“We wanted to create a sense of familiarity for residents and ultimately to ‘normalise’ day to day living”

Working to a very pragmatic client brief that focussed on creating a dementia-friendly environment, we were engaged to direct furniture layout plans, furniture and artwork selection, procurement and placement, and the styling and décor throughout.

With a holistic approach, we selected colour palettes, distinct artworks (also used to assist wayfinding) comfortable furniture and appliances to allow residents to resume their usual routines and domestic lifestyle. The result is a calm, yet distinctive residential environment that appeals to the residents and the family/friends choosing the facility on behalf of their loved one.

Providing a sense of normality and a feeling of home contributes to a decrease in disruptive behaviours that can occur in residents living with dementia. To accommodate residents we designed the Synergy House, which was inspired by the layout of a 1950s house, we modelled the interior to feel like a regular residential home.  We included a patio, laundry, kitchen and living room to encourage independence and to make the residents feel as though they are living ‘normally’.

Completion Date

December 2017




Nettletontribe / Greengate



Project Managers

Josephine Maruka-Parker

Other Suppliers


Willow Art Company


Aged Care Design

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