The Terraces

The Terraces

74 Brown St, Paddington

“We changed the traditional clinical and institutional features of ageing facilities”

The Terraces at Paddington has commenced Stage 2 of the design process. Stage 1 (100 aged care suites & 14 independent living units) was completed in December 2017. From the outset, the intention was to deliver a leading facility for Presbyterian Aged Care.

The project moves away from the traditional conventions of the ‘retirement village’, by delivering a dynamic, inclusive aesthetic that personifies the cosmopolitan, homely luxury characteristic of Paddington. Central to the design is the café located at the main entry. Unlike many other aged care facilities, the cafe is designed to bring all the various residents together allowing for the high care residents to interact with the independent living residents in a lively, safe and vibrant environment. Visiting the cafe presents high care residents with a sense of ‘normality’ as the design adds to the feel of a Paddington café.

Our approach was to normalise the environment with the colour palette, furniture choice and selection of neutral, earthy finishes. The furniture and artwork also enhance and compliment the layout. A curated collection of Australian art is displayed throughout the common spaces, giving an added dimension of sophistication and visual interest. Pandanus mats sourced from various Indigenous tribes are also used in the long corridor to create a sense of depth and texture.

As part of the design journey, we worked closely with the architect and builders to provide design concepts, developments, planning, detail and schedules. Throughout construction, we played an integral role in ensuring drawings and schedules were implemented to minimise variations and to reduce defects.

Designing an environment that was responsive and inclusive to the needs of residents with cognitive impairments (specifically dementia), meant an in-depth understanding of certain requirements such as: contrast around doorways, circulation and furniture selection (ie. avoiding heavily patterned floors and walls).

Residents with dementia often respond well to reminders of their childhood. In response to this, we integrated ‘memory boxes’ (at each bedroom door) and novel wayfinding features. For example; each wing has a different door colour and a large artwork featuring a different Australian bird is placed as you exit the lift on each floor. Combined, these simple design features create a sense of warmth and invitation.

Another key challenge was budget constraints. However, we were able to manage issues with effective communication and prioritisation of design and detail decisions. We drew upon our expertise and experience to present proactive solutions, solve unforeseen challenges and minimise expenses. The end result was an environment that is practical, creative and comfortable for both staff and residents.

Completion Date

November 2017


Presbyterian Aged Care


JPRA and Calder Flower Architects



Project Managers

Lisa Cutrupi & Maria Barlow

Other Suppliers


Willow Art Company & Geoff Ambler Photography


Aged Care Design

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