Gilmore Interior Design provides a full package of professional Interior Design and Project Management services. We pride ourselves in our ability to maintain the integrity of the design vision from concept stage through to completion.

For us, each phase of a project is a project in itself, with clear deliverables that demand exceptional planning.

From briefing and ideation throughout construction, we work closely with our clients and suppliers to achieve total project integrity, at the highest possible standards.


Concept Design

Design Detailing and Documentation


Interior Styling

Our services include


This is the very first step in the creation of your vision. We will work with you to learn everything about the space that will be created: what is its purpose / who will inhabit it / who will use it / what is the feeling we want to create in it? We will listen to everything you have to say and ask all the right questions which will help us not only capture your vision, taste, and project specifications, but also anticipate needs that have not been identified.

We will then make your vision tangible (and inspire you further) by creating a reverse brief with moodboards, examples, ideas and elements that capture your needs, taste and objectives.

Concept design

Once the vision for the project has been defined, it’s time to create. During this phase we will design the initial concepts for your project, which includes spatial planning, initial selection of finishes, fixtures, equipment and lighting.

Design detailing and documentation

The fine details and important documentation of the project are produced in this stage. Refining the concept designs, the project vision comes to life with full coloured, 3D renders, finishes boards and material samples.

Project management

Our established and efficient systems and processes allow us to provide our expertise, guidance and support throughout the project. We work with the project team (project managers, developers, architects, engineers and suppliers) in ensuring a seamless, efficient delivery. From meetings, to construction site visits throughout styling, we will be with you every step of the way.

Interior styling

The finishing touches. Besides procurement and selection of furniture, upholstery, soft furnishings, decoration and artwork, we will personally coordinate the delivery of all items and ensure each element is in the right place.

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